A retrospective look into why Pat and Jen broke up

Popular YouTube gaming content creators, Pat and Jen divorced in 2019 and have since moved only to find love with other content creators on YouTube.

YouTube couples are a thing to marvel at sometimes. Years of cultivating a joint following for it to all end with a We Broke Up video, which ends either years or months of a joint fanbase who loved the content creators together. There are many such couples that have had this experience. One such couple, married at that, was the beloved gaming YouTube content creators, Pat Brown and Jennifer Lynn. They each have an avid following on YouTube under their aliases, PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen.

Who is PopularMMOs?

PopularMMOs is the popular gaming YouTube creator best loved for creating Minecraft videos and vlogs. Having started his YouTube channel in 2012, he has gone on to amass over 17.3 million subscribers. His channel garnered its popularity when he was married, as he and Jen would play games together and she featured in his videos predominantly during the time that they were still together. A fun fact about PopularMMOs is that he is one of only 32 gaming YouTubers to have featured in the Intro Challenge on YouTube by Kri Madas, and a few to actually have his own introduction.

Who is GamingWithJen?

GamingWithJen began her YouTube channel in the same year as her ex-husband in 2012. Consisting of daily vlogs and reaction videos to popular video games of the time, her channel in recent years has changed slightly with her incorporating live video play content too. In the nine years since she created the channel, she has amassed over 5.22 million subscribers. GamingWithJen is her most consistent and popular channel considering that in the past, she had created other video channels like FashionWithJen.

A look back at the relationship

Unlike most YouTube couples that are committed to each other, Pat and Jen were married. The announcement of their marriage was made in 2015, meaning that by the time they were married, they had been creating content for the past three years on YouTube.

During this time, one of their popular joint segments was the Weekly Roblox, which featured them playing against each other. However, the segment was later moved onto GamingWithJen, as they began to play every day. At the time of their relationship, the couple lived in Jacksonville, Florida. However, when they decided to end their marriage, it was believed that Pat stayed in Jacksonville. Jen on the other hand moved states to an undisclosed location.

After four years of marriage and seven years sharing joint content of YouTube, in 2019, through PopularMMOs channel, the two announced their breakup with a video titled We Broke Up. A video, which has since amassed over nine million views and counting. The video came after months of them being separated. A fact they shared as an explanation for their calm and sometimes jovial energy on the video.

While they did not go into detail on the reasons for the breakup, they did indicate that irreconcilable differences was the reason for their separation. One reason harped on was that they had grown and matured and, in the process had grown into different people. Moreover, it seemed that the discussion of children informed their decision, as Pat is quoted as having stated, “Jen does want to have kids, I do not want to have kids. We both deserve to be happy in life and do the things that we want to do.”

Where are they now?

In the aftermath following their breakup, the two seem happy and have found love with other people, who have also been introduced to their YouTube channel. In May 2021, Pat introduced his new girlfriend, Liz, in a video which he asked for his subscribers to be supportive of, knowing that some still held a torch for Jen. The video has since amassed 1.2 million views, with positive responses about his YouTube-official moving on. In the time since, Liz has featured heavily on the channel.

Jen has also found love elsewhere with new boyfriend, Andy. She shared her boyfriend in a video announcing her fourth book in July 2021. The video also revealed that the couple seem to be living together. Subscribers on her channel could not stop exclaiming how happy and content she looked. Moreover, their chemistry was palpable, as they continued to make each other laugh throughout the video.