Why did Piper and Lev break up?

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron once suggested that they had broken up, when in actuality, it was a prank they were playing on their followers.

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron are one of the popular teenage YouTube couples. They announced their relationship back in July 2020 and have since been posting videos of their relationship and the pranks they pull on each other on both their YouTube channels.

Rockelle was previously in another publicised relationship with Gavin Magnus. The two had a public breakup, as Magnus alluded to Rockelle’s mother as the biggest reason for their breakup.

In August 2021, Rockelle and Magnus shared videos on their channel marking their reunion. At the time, the former couple revealed that they had not seen each other in two years since their breakup. The two have maintained their friendship since then, and now collaborate on each other’s videos.

This has resulted in continued calls from their subscribers for them to get back together. However, besides Rockelle being in a relationship, Magnus also has a girlfriend, Ava Monpere.

Rockelle and Cameron seem happy in their relationship, as they continue to post collaborative videos. The suggestions that the two have broken up could stem from the prank video Cameron posted in January 2021, titled I Broke Up With My GIRLFRIEND.

In the over 23-minute video, Cameron goes around announcing to his friends, and his and Rockelle’s female friends, that he is planning to break up with her. It is only at the end where he reveals the plot of the video. The video’s caption reads:

“Hey guys, it’s Lev Cameron, Piper Rockelle’s boyfriend. Today I’m bringing you another emotional video with my girlfriend Piper Rockelle, or should I say, ex girlfriend. That’s right guys today I officially am breaking up with my girlfriend, however as you know she’s all the way in Georgia so I had to do it over FaceTime. This video was very difficult to film so I asked for advice from everyone in the squad like Sawyer Sharbino, and the guys, and Emily and the girls. Break ups aren’t easy, so thank you everyone who supports Piper and I.”