Why did PS4 change The Party System?

PlayStation 4 changed The Party System with its 8.00 update in October 2020, which was designed to provide a safer environment for gamers to interact on the multiplayer feature.

PlayStation 4 (PS4) updated The Party System in October 2020, which has left users conflicted on whether the 8.00 update has allowed for a better user experience. In a blog post from PS4’s Senior Director of SIE Content Communications, Sid Shuman, in October 2020, the new update was developed in protection of the players.

He stated, “Under Parental Controls, we’re combining the ‘Communicating with Other Players’ and ‘Viewing Content Created By Other Players’ into one setting – ‘Communication and User Generated Content’-  to cover both areas of communication and UGC sharing. This offers a simpler setting that’s easier for parents to understand and apply to their children.”

Some of the other changes include children being able to send a request to their parents to use communications features in specific games, as well as changes to the existing party and messages features, new avatars and updated parental controls, amongst others.