Why did Rafael leave Legacies?

Rafael, played by Peyton Alex Smith, left Legacies in season three, as the storyline called for him to go to a perfectly constructed prison world in order to save his life.

Rafael’s departure from Legacies during season three was a major plot twist in the trajectory of the show, as it removed one of the integral characters in the storyline. Played by Peyton Alex Smith, Rafael had been resurrected by The Necromancer but was left internally wounded as he continuously coughed up black blood. The blood indicated that he would soon die, which left his fellow legacies with no option but to send him to the prison world to save his life.

Understanding that this was the only way to stay alive, he allowed for Hope to use his descriptions to design the perfect prison world for him, where he could live out his life indefinitely. Due to the fact that Rafael did not die, viewers have remained hopeful that he will make a comeback in future episodes, much like many other characters in the prequels, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.