Why did Roger leave Sister Sister?

The twin sisters’ annoying neighbour might have stayed behind in high school, but the real reason for his departure is far more personal.

Sister Sister was one of “Black television’s” most loved shows. The reason for that could be because of its predominately Black cast, which made it relatable to a particular audience.

Moreover, it could have been because of the identical twins that were the stars of the show, Tia and Tamera Mowry, who used their actual names on the sitcom. In the series, the two girls eventually found one another after 14 years of not knowing of the other’s existence.

The show had many memorable characters, one of which was their next door neighbour, Roger Evans, who was played by Marques Houston.

However, Roger left earlier than the show was able to get to a conclusion. At the beginning of season five, he started appearing in fewer scenes.

Apparently, the reason behind Roger’s departure was that Tia and Tamera graduated from high school, while he still had to finish.

In reality, Marques left the show due to the deteriorating health of his mother.  His mother passed away and season six was the last time that fans got to see Roger.

Although the show ended in season six, Roger only appeared a few times in the season, in comparison to the appearances he made in previous seasons.

The sitcom has gone on to win many awards. Tia and Tamera won three Kids’ Choice Awards for Favourite Television Character from 1995 to 1997, and Marques won an award at the Young Artist Awards for Best Youth Comedian In A TV Show in 1995.

Sister Sister was amongst the Black sitcoms that Netflix welcomed onto its platform this year. In July 2020, it was announced that Sister Sister, Girlfriends and Moesha, to name a few, would be making their way to Netflix.

Sister Sister made it into Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming shows list in October 2020.