Why did Sachio throw in the towel?

In the season finale of Megalo Box, fans witnessed Sachio throwing in the towel during the Mac versus Joe fight, in an effort to keep them both alive.

Megalo Box is a boxing anime television series. It is set in a futuristic world where boxers wear exoskeletons to fight. The show follows young Junk Dog, voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoyo. The first season premiered in April 2018. The second season, Megalo Box 2: Nomad, premiered in April 2021. It takes place six and a half years after the first season. It centers around Gearless Joe as an adult, who goes by the name Nomad.

Throughout the season, fans experienced an intense build-up to the big Joe versus Mac fight, which happened in the season finale. However, Megalo Box 2 focused a lot less on the fights, compared to season one. One fan argued that Joe and Mac’s fight ranks among the weakest in the entire season.

Before the end of round two of the Joe versus Mac fight, both boxers end up knocked down for personal reasons. Joe appears to be experiencing a panic attack, accompanied by physical exhaustion, which was brought on by his weak physical condition. Mac, on the other hand, finds himself lost in agony. The two exchange powerful blows before Sachio throws in the towel. Mac won the fight; however, it was compromised.

Sachio threw in the towel for Joe, as it really was not a defeat for him. Joe had already won before he stepped into the ring. Prior to the fight, fans witnessed Joe getting his family back, as well as his life. He had what was left of his health, and he was going to spend his time paying attention to all the things he might have tossed aside for another shot at the championship title.

Mac did not need to win to validate his worth as a husband or as a father, but he was able to prove that he can face off against one of the best Megalo-boxers of all time. When the immigrants at Casa see Mac as the champion, they are seeing one of their own people. They are inspired by him, as he could break free of capitalist ties that would have discarded him once he was no longer useful.