Why did Sawyer leave The Squad?

Sawyer Sharbino eventually broke his silence on leaving Piper Rockelle’s squad, claiming that there was no bad blood between them and that it was based on him wanting to move on.

Sawyer Sharbino released a YouTube video in March 2021 where he addressed the conversation surrounding his sudden departure from Piper Rockelle’s squad.

This came after Sawyer had noticed that many of his fans were concerned about why his former friends were not at his fifteenth birthday party, with some questioning whether it was because he did not invite them or if they simply didn’t show up.

Sawyer subsequently explained that he was no longer part of The Squad, due to the fact that he wanted to focus on his own career.

He claimed that he did invite them to his party, but they had chosen not to come – which he did not take offense to.

Sawyer acknowledged that the change in dynamics within the friend group had raised questions, but assured fans that they have remained on good terms, despite the possibility of them drifting further apart later on.