Why did Seven Super Girls end?

Seven Super Girls was a YouTube channel that launched in 2008, but was closed down in 2018 after the arrest of the owner, Ian Rylett, who was accused of sexual exploitation.

Seven Super Girls was a widely popular YouTube channel that launched in November 2008. The channel centred around seven young girls of various ages, who offered content that was applicable to their tween target market. They were amongst the most popular all-girl ensembles on YouTube, boasting over 9.5 million subscribers and 5.6 billion video views. The success of the Seven Super Girls channel encouraged the network to run different all-girl group channels which had similar formats for the same audience.

After 10 years on YouTube, the channel was terminated from the platform after the owner, Ian Rylett, was accused of sexual exploitation. According to reports, Ian pleaded guilty to all the charges and was sentenced to three months in prison.

In a statement by YouTube to Buzzfeed News in 2018, the platform stated, “We take safety on YouTube very seriously. We work closely with leading child safety organizations and others in our industry to protect young people. When we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature we take action, which may include terminating all channels upon conclusion of an investigation.” Since the statement, all channels from the Seven Super Girls franchise have been terminated.