Why did The Try Guys leave Buzzfeed?

The Try Guys decided to leave Buzzfeed in order to continue building their brand independently by not renewing their contracts, and how they kept their intellectual property.


Like all good things, even some of the best need to come to an end for the better. This can be the case with any relationship, whether personal or even business. Typically, when business ties come to an end, either one or both parties realize the need for more.

One of the best business relationships the YouTube online community saw coming to an end was that between the famous Try Guys and Buzzfeed, the well-known internet media company where the group was actually formed. Many people wondered why the group decided to cut ties with the internet giant.

The Try Guys and Buzzfeed

The group was established at the company Buzzfeed in 2014 and was made up of four guys: Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld. The group became YouTube famous as a group of guys who tried out different things, such as women’s underwear and labour pain simulation.

Their labour pains video gained a lot of popularity, with over 35 million views as of March 2021. The group which was formed under Buzzfeed created video content for the Buzzfeed YouTube channel, accumulating over 100 million views from their videos.

Why did The Try Guys leave Buzzfeed?

With life, all good things must come to an end, even the best business partnerships. After having worked hard for the big internet media company, in 2018, The Try Guys took the decision to end their relationship with Buzzfeed. With contracts expiring, they decided to go off and venture into their own space and start their own company as a team that had already established themselves as internet sensations.

The boys were seeking other ways of growing their business, and were working on developing a new series, as well as plans to expand their following through going on tours and merchandise. The Try Guys have since launched their own independent production company called 2nd Try LLC. T

hey also managed to gain all rights to The Try Guys brand, with Buzzfeed only remaining as branded content and as an advertising sales representative for 2nd Try LLC.

What other ventures have The Try Guys been busy with?

Besides having their own YouTube channel, which now has over a one billion views and over seven million subscribers, in 2019, The Try Guys also collectively released a book called The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, which was published by HarperCollins, and reached number one on the New York Times Best Seller list.

On top of that, the group also now has a Podcast titled The TryPod, where they also look back on their Legends of The Internet worldwide tour. Pursuing their own ventures has worked well.

How did the group manage to keep their intellectual property upon leaving Buzzfeed?

In order for The Try Guys to keep ownership of their video series concept, they had to work out a deal with Buzzfeed. Some content creators who left Buzzfeed had to completely cut ties with the company, having to wait some time before beginning their own YouTube channels.

Instead of taking the same approach as others, The Try Guys decided to enter into a strategic partnership with Buzzfeed whereby the company would remain as the “fifth” Try Guy, still included as the branded content.

Did the exit of the producers contribute to the group’s decision to leave Buzzfeed?

It was alleged that from 2016, producers started leaving Buzzfeed. According to reports, two producers were fired from the company for violating a company clause that states that no producer is allowed to work on any other projects, whether independently or appearing as guests while employed by Buzzfeed.

Over the course of two years, more than a dozen producers also made their exits from Buzzfeed and started their own channels, including producers Safiya Nygaard, Chris Geidner as well as Candace Lowry.


When business relationships come to an end, it could be for a number of reasons, both good and bad. Regardless of the reason for the end of a business relationship, it is important for parties to put what they have gained from the relationship to good use and benefit.

After leaving Buzzfeed and choosing to go independent, The Try Guys are the perfect example of taking advantage of what you have gained businesswise and using it to further advance yourself. The group’s decision to leave the company, although not negative, was a good step for further developing their brand.