Why did they kill off Quentin?

Quentin, played by Jason Ralph, was killed off in season four of The Magicians, reportedly due to the showrunner’s belief that it was necessary for the growth of the other characters.

Quentin Coldwater is a character on SyFy’s fantasy drama, The Magicians, who is played by actor, Jason Ralph. Quentin’s death occurred in the season four finale, after Quentin and his friends succeeded in freeing Eliot from the monster that was possessing his body and locked it away in the seam – the place between worlds.

As they were celebrating their victory, the seam broke, causing for Quentin to voluntarily sacrifice himself. Understanding that the monster would kill him if he mends the seam, he forced the monster back to where it belonged, however, he died in the process.

As a bisexual character who suffered from mental health issues, viewers immediately welcomed Quentin and he became a fan-favourite. This is what prompted the uproar when he died, as audience members believed that he could have had a longer storyline.

In a November 2020 interview with Screenrant, showrunner, Henry Alonso Myers, explained that in order for the other characters to progress, the character had to be killed off. He also shared that the decision to kill the character with mental issues was their way of showcasing exactly how the mind influences decisions that are made impulsively.