Why did they kill off Susie on Rizzoli & Isles?

Susie Chang, played by Tina Huang, was killed off TNT’s Rizzoli & Isle’s sixth season, after the showrunners decided it was time for the storyline to proceed without her.

Susie Chang’s departure from Rizzoli & Isles came as a surprise to fans, as they were not expecting the fun-loving character to leave the storyline. Played by Tina Huang, Susie suffered a fatal shot to the head after she left a crime scene. This led to her death being the main storyline, adding intrigue and mystery to the criminal drama. Eventually, it was revealed that the investigation was part of a complex plan to frame the forensic department for the poor handling of a recent case.

In a 2015 interview with Talk Nerdy With Us, Tina confirmed that there were no hard feelings and that she understood the direction the director wanted to take. She stated, “The Susie character is such a fun, lovable character that Jan Nash (the showrunner) is very, very sensitive about. She called me, and we were all really upset to see this character go. At the same time, I think the story opens the world up to interesting storylines for the other characters to go through that grieving process.”