Why did Tyler Conklin leave MrBeast?

Tyler Conklin has not addressed his absence from MrBeast’s YouTube channel, as his absence was explained as limitations due to his other obligations.

Tyler Conklin was one of the most popular affiliates of the MrBeast channel. Real name James Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. He is reportedly worth millions from being one of the most-watched and followed YouTubers currently.

His channel consists of pulling off some of the most outlandish stunts, whether it is buying everything in a store, giving away millions, or showcasing how he has opened a restaurant where he pays the customers to eat. He has done it all.

With the growth of his channel, MrBeast was then able to hire his friends to take part in some of the stunts that he pulls. One such affiliate is Conklin.

Conklin made his debut on the channel back in 2016, on the video titled Beast Goes Camping (Didn’t Go Wrong). The video is still available and currently has over 66 000 views, with a duration of close to five minutes.

Following his debut, Conklin would then made sporadic appearances on the channel. His appearances on the channel would mostly occur during episodes that would have the affiliates take part in different challenges that resulted in cash prizes.

This included Conklin taking part and winning $10 000 for the Last To Leave Circle Wins and $50 000 in the I Built The World’s Largest Tower as part of fellow associate, Chandler’s team. His last appearance was back in December 2020 on the I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It video.

Since then, he has not appeared on the channel, a matter which raised eyebrows for MrBeast’s over 74.1 million subscribers. The matter was addressed by suggestions that Conklin is still a part of the channel. However, the reason for his absence is that he is currently focusing on his other obligations, but Conklin has reportedly not officially left the channel.