Why did Valerio leave Elite?

Netflix announced the new season of the Spanish teen drama, Elite, in 2020; however, Jorge López and other cast members did not return for the new season.

Elite follows the relationship between three working-class students enrolled at Las Encinas, a fictional school, as they navigate life with their wealthy classmates. Valerio Montesinos Rojas, played by Jorge López, was sent away to boarding school prior to the pilot, but returned to Las Encinas at the beginning of season two. Rojas is seen as a drug addict and a party animal. However, he will do anything for his half-sister, Lu, played by Danna Paola.

During the end of season three, Carla, played by Ester Expósito, hired Valerio to be her partner in her family business. Carla planned to go abroad to attend university, but her vineyard company held her back as it was registered in her name. So, she decided to offer Valerio the position of Chief of Public Relations. Valerio did not finish his senior year, and he is one of two students who did not attend university. He decided to rather focus on his new job.

In 2020, Netflix announced that Elite would return for a fourth season, however, some of the fan -favourites would not feature in the new season. López and fellow cast members, Mina El Hammani, Expósito, Paola and Alvaro Rico, revealed that they would not be returning to the show.

After his exit, López starred as himself in Soy Luna: El último concierto and Ramiro Ponce on the Disney Plus Special. López has yet to release a statement detailing why he left Elite.