Why did Woojin leave Stray Kids?

Woojin’s departure from the popular k-pop band, Stray Kids, shocked many of the band’s fans, as the reason for his exit remained unclear for a significant period of time.

Woojin formed an integral part of the popular k-pop group, Stray Kids, which was formed in 2017. He began as the lead vocalist and gained a significant number of fans as the oldest member of the group. His time as part of the widely popular band was short-lived, as he announced his exit in October 2019. At the end of 2019, Stray Kids’ label, JYP Entertainment, issued a statement claiming that Woojin’s departure was due to personal reasons.

In 2020, it was revealed that Woojin was facing charges of sexual assault by two different women, in two different instances. According to reports, the k-pop star allegedly made sexual advances towards these women without their consent, leaving them feeling violated. They also explained that Woojin had defended his actions by insisting that he is famous, and they would be silly to deny his advances.

In September 2020, Woojin addressed the accusations in a lengthy tweet, which was translated into English. It stated, “Hello. This is Kim Woojin. Today, I am suffering from an absurd situation… I am posting this to tell my fans about that situation. Someone on Twitter posted weird rumours and then deleted their account… I haven’t met that person, and I didn’t go to the places mentioned. My fans must have been very worried, but please don’t worry too much because none of that is true. Also, recently, I signed a contract with an agency that matches me, and I am preparing hard for my solo activities. My new company is preparing to take action against the people who spread the false rumours, and they will relay their statement afterwards, so please don’t worry too much. Then I will share more news about myself. Thank you.”