Why didn’t 4 ask out 5? 

The “why didn’t 4 ask out 5” dad joke has grown in popularity, and has recently circulated on social media, resulting in a dry comedic answer.

If television is to be believed, dad jokes have been around since the beginning of time. The term is meant to reference the use of jokes that lean on a dry sense of humour, as the question that is asked is often a trick question. A trick question with a simple answer, which the comedy thereof lays on the delivery and understanding word play and phonetics. Every now and then, a dad joke will be circulated on Twitter as the appropriate response is not commonly known.

However, upon the discovery of the answer, the joke gains further engagement as it is shared again. One such joke is, “Why didn’t 4 ask out 5?” Firstly, the reason for this could be because of how the question, when asked, verbally sounds like another way of saying, “Why didn’t 4-6-5?”, which, due to the popularity of the Netflix’s Squid Game’s lead character, 456, could have fuelled the popularity of the question. However, the answer for the aforementioned question is simple.

The answer is, “because 2²”, which, in mathematics, means two squared. However, when it is said out loud, the person delivering the joke is meant to enunciate the answer to sound like they are saying, “because 2 is scared.” Therefore, the joke relies on infliction. Again, the jokes are considered dad jokes, as sometimes it is believed that jokes would not get the infliction as merely say, “because 2²”, which shifts the comedic moment from the actual punchline to the lack of consciousness on how to deliver the joke like a dad.