Why do I cry when I meditate?

Meditation is commonly used as a stress relief technique.

Reasons why meditation makes you emotional

It requires the body to be calm and relaxed, with a clear mind and peaceful surrounding.  Meditation is usually done by doing a slow breathing technique: slow inhalation and  slower exhalation. This causes the body to release tension and place it in a calming state. The calming down effect of meditation causes the body to relax and release stress.

Meditation reaches the deepest level of our inner being. Clearing your head and breaking away from every day life stress, gives your mind a chance to address suppressed and forgotten memories. We are unable to reach our deepest level of thinking because we are occupied by demanding and never-ending roles. We experience pain and we bury it in our subconscious mind because other aspects of our lives demand our attention. When we meditate, we give our mind an opportunity to unpack and offload from our memory.

Crying during meditation is a good technique to clean and clear your mind. Don’t fret because you cry during this supposedly calming technique. It shows that your meditation is effective. The reason for meditation is to relax and clear your head. When you start becoming emotional during meditation, it shows that your mind is actively helping you release stress. You may cry over things you were never able to deal with because life was too demanding.

If you cry during meditation, don’t fret. This is a positive sign that your mind is releasing stressful and painful experiences.