Why do I keep attracting the same type of women?

We sometimes attract the same type of people because we have a preference.

Instead of trying something new you are always doing the same thing.

The good thing about this is the fact that now, you have realised that there is a pattern. It’s a step that will help with going forward. This is where you  make the decision of continuing, or making a change and see why this happens to you.

Build new patterns

If you have a certain pattern, start a new one and see how it makes you feel. Take notice of whether there is somehow a change in the people you attract. Change is not easy, and it can be uncomfortable. This won’t happen overnight but eventually you will get the hang of things.

Identify the root of the problem

You cannot fix what you don’t understand, or have the knowledge of where it started. You must admit that you indeed have a problem. Take time and search for the answers that you need. Analyse your situation and see where the problem comes from. Find out if it’s because of a woman you once loved and you keep on dating the same type because you’re not over her.

Pay attention

What is it that your partner does? It can be that they don’t treat  you well, shout at you, or just never keep their promise. Be attentive to what their actions are more than what they say they’ll  do. Actions show you the type of person you are getting involved with.

Where did it all start?

Our problems might be  from our childhood. It can be our relationship with parents. You might have commitment issues and stay away from women who might be willing to commit.

Write it down

If there are certain patterns that you are now aware of, write them down. When you see them earlier whilst getting to know someone, step back.