Why does Tony Stark call Thor Point Break?

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, humorously referred to Thor as Point Break in the first Avengers film, which was reference to Patrick Swayze’s character in the film, Point Break.

Tony Stark’s sarcastic personality is a major comedic point in the Avengers series, especially when he uses his fellow superheroes as the butt of his jokes. One of the most iconic lines from the series is from the first Avengers movies, where Tony calls Thor Point Break and compares him to Patrick Swayze’s character from the 1991 movie, Point Break.

The classic surfer movie saw Patrick sporting long, blonde hair, which was similar to Thor’s flowy tresses. The comedic element is brought in when Thor, the God of Thunder, is likened to a teen heartthrob from a 90s movie.

Later on, Thor enters the Quinjet and has a hard time gaining access to its controls. The ship asks for a voice authentication input, and he uses many different names, including Thor; Thor, Son of Odin; God of Thunder; and Strongest Avenger. However, Point Break is the name that allows him access, referencing the nickname given to him by Tony Stark.