Why Fernando left 3% 

It is unclear why Michel Gomes left his beloved role as Fernado Carvalho on Netflix’s 3%, as his death happened behind the scenes at the beginning of season three.

One of the most popular drama series to have come out of Brazil in recent years is the dystopian future drama series on Netflix titled 3%.

3% unfolds in a near-future Brazil with a stark societal division: the majority grapples with poverty, while only 3% of the youth can reach the prosperous offshore haven called the Offshore.

The path to the Offshore demands rigorous tests, evaluating candidates’ skills, intelligence, and commitment.

The narrative centers on a group of young individuals pursuing The Process – the challenging selection – in hopes of escaping the impoverished Inland for a better life in the Offshore.

Amidst challenging trials, they confront moral dilemmas, betrayals, and the brutal realities of a society that forces them into competition.

Fernando Carvalho was played by actor, Michel Gomes, and was one of the beloved characters in the first two seasons of the show.

His off-screen exit during the beginning of the third season came as a surprise to many fans of the show. Fernando, as a character was a candidate of the one hundred and fourth Process.

Moreover, he is most recognisable as the only lead character who happens to be in a wheelchair.

He was loved, as his character played out how idealism changes when the realities of the life he was living set.  Initially, Fernando had innocently dedicated his life to the one hundred and fourth Process.

However, after going through the Process, the experience disillusioned him which after coming to terms with the realities thereof, is fundamentally changed for life.

This all happens in the first two seasons, with the end of season two leaving an open-ended conclusion with Fernando in the centre of it all.

Hence the surprise of Fernando’s off-screen death during season three’s opener, with no word on the reason for Gomes’ departure.

His death was as a result of his attempt to canvass for people to join the Shell, which was the aspirational word which would be in-between the Inland and Offshore.

Members of the Inland beat him to death during his canvassing, over the fear of the unknown.