Why is Instagram limiting my following?

There are a few reasons why the Instagram platform may be limiting how many accounts you  can follow, but fortunately, this block is usually temporary.


Instagram is a popular social media platform because of its high engagement and integration of other features.

However, because of this popularity, Instagram also has strict policies that may limit how many accounts you can follow. There are various reasons why this may be happening to your account.

Why do people use Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media site owned by Meta, that allows businesses and individuals to post visual content in the form of videos and photos to their pages and stories on the platform.

One of the reasons this platform is so popular is because it encourages a high level of engagement between users and their followers. This allows brands and individuals to have a more influential reach when they post content.

The way that advertisements, hashtags, and collaborations are integrated into content on this platform also contributes to the growth in following and reach that many accounts see once they become active on Instagram.

Why is Instagram limiting my following?

As a result of how popular the Instagram platform has become over the years, the Instagram team has introduced several community guidelines and policies in their terms of service agreement that users on the platform need to agree to before they can join.

These policies endeavour to keep the platform as authentic as possible by trying to prevent accounts that use automation tools from spamming other accounts, inappropriate content, and other actions that may negatively influence the experience of other users on the platform.

This also means that there are several reasons why Instagram is limiting the amount of people you can follow, some of which are:

  • You have exceeded the daily or hourly action limits for the platform or reached the maximum following amount
  • You followed too many accounts too quickly
  • You are flagged as misusing automation, or you followed accounts from too many different devices

Fortunately, in most cases, this action block for following is temporary and may be restored within a few hours.

When you have exceeded Instagram following limits

Instagram imposes various follow limits for users on the platform to try and inhibit accounts that spam others with follows, likes, and comments. Some of these follow limits are:

Type of limit Amount

Follow limit per hour

About 10 per hour

Follow limit per day

About 100-150 per day

Maximum follow amount

Instagram only allows you to follow a maximum of 7500 accounts on the platform

When you exceed the amount of any of the above limits, Instagram may temporarily block you from following more accounts. The best thing to do in this situation is to wait a few hours and then try to follow the account again.

When you followed too many accounts too quickly

If you tried to click on the follow button and it went white and then remained a “Follow” and not “Following,” Instagram may have temporarily blocked you from following more accounts if you tried to follow too many accounts too quickly.

Instagram requires that you wait a few minutes after following one account before you can follow the next. This is to prevent bots and other automated software and tools from spamming other users on the platform.

Fortunately, you can just wait a few minutes and you should be able to successfully follow the account again.

When you have used bots or different devices

If the Instagram algorithm detects that you are using bots or other automated tools to grow your account on the platform, this can negatively affect your account and you may be placed in a “penalty box” for anywhere between 20 minutes and several days.

Continued use of this automated software can also lead to your account being permanently banned, which is why it is best to focus on organic growth for your account.

If more than one person is signed into your account or your account is repeatedly being accessed from different locations and devices, Instagram may also block your account. This will prevent you from completing various actions on the platform, including following other users.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a highly visual platform that fosters interaction and community-building between different accounts.

However, you might be limited in how many accounts you can follow for a range of reasons, such as hourly, daily, and maximum limits, timeframe between follows, or if you are using bots or multiple devices to grow your account.