Why is my TCL Roku TV so slow?

There are many things that could be causing your TCL Roku TV to be slow, including outdated software, a full memory, and a slow internet connection.

The TCL Roku TV builds on the brands reputation for having high-quality and high-value devices by offering consumers even more convenience.

However, the fact that this device combines the Roku streaming device and TCL Smart TV systems, means that there are many possible reasons why this combined system could be slower than usual.

The benefits of having a TCL Roku TV

TCL is known for making affordable, but high-performing televisions that are specifically designed for households that prefer streaming services over traditional cable television.

Compared to other popular Smart TV brands like LG and Samsung, TCL TVs have a higher value-per-pixel ratio and the brand was voted the second most popular brand of Smart TVs in 2020.

The TCL Google and TCL Roku sets make it even more convenient for households to stream content from their favourite platforms, as these sets have most of these streaming applications built into them.

It also saves you the trouble of deciding what combination of television and streaming devices you need for your household, as everything comes in one convenient package.

Why is my TCL Roku TV so slow?

Although Roku devices and TCL Smart TVs tend to be reliable devices that do not give users many problems, some users do experience situations where they feel like their TCL Roku TV is slow, lagging, or unresponsive.

The TCL Roku TV is convenient because it houses the TCL television and the Roku device and all its applications all in one, but, unfortunately, this also means that when there is an operational problem, there are a multitude of issues that could possibly be the cause.

One of the most common reasons why your TCL Roku television may be slow or lagging is that you likely missed an important software update. Outdated software means that your systems will not function optimally, which is why your software will lag and be slow to respond.

In much the same way, an overloaded system memory could also be the cause of a slow TCL Roku TV. Over a period of time, stored cache data can build up and overwhelm your device.

If the applications, video streams, and websites on your TCL Roku TV take long to open and load, the problem may be your internet connection.

Why missing software updates can cause your TCL Roku TV to be slow

Your TCL Roku TV should regularly update its software to newer, improved versions. These updates are supposed to happen automatically, but if they do not, then your older software could be the cause of the TCL Roku TV suddenly becoming slow.

With new updates comes new, faster system operations and bug fixes. Thus, missing these updates could mean that your device is not effectively set up to perform adequately.

In order to ensure that your device software is up to date, you can visit the Settings menu from the home screen.

Here, you need to select the “System” option and then the “System Update” option. Click on the “Check now” update, which will tell you whether your TCL Roku TV is up to date on all the newest software.

Why a full cache can cause your TCL Roku TV to be slow

The cache memory on your TCL Roku Device stores data from websites and applications that you have visited in the past, so that this data does not have to be downloaded repeatedly when you visit these websites and applications in the future.

This is one of the ways that the developers try to ensure that websites and applications load quickly. However, this data builds up over time and when the cache memory on your device gets too full; it can cause your device to be slower than usual.

Clearing the cache on your TCL Roku TV device can be done quickly, and if your device seems to operate faster after this, it may be a good idea to clear this cache every few months to prevent your device from getting full and so slow again.

Why connectivity issues may be causing your TCL Roku TV to be so slow

To load applications, streaming content, photos, and website results, your TCL Roku TV needs to have a stable and adequate internet connection.

If your network is overloaded with too many devices, has too low of a bandwidth, or your Wi-Fi router is too far from your device, these things may be causing your TCL Roku TV to be slow when it is loading data from these applications and websites.