Why is Sloane leaving NCIS?

Jack Sloane, played by Maria Bello, has announced her departure from NCIS, which is said to because of the expiration of her three-year contract with the CBS crime drama.

Jack Sloane is a forensic psychologist from CBS’ NCIS who exited the series in the latest episode, which aired on Tuesday, 2 March 2021. The actress who played Jack, Maria Bello, announced her departure in December 2020, leaving fans to question how her character would be written off the show. Ultimately, Sloane decided that she would be staying put in Afghanistan to continue Darya’s work, after she explained that she needed a change from New Orleans.

The actress’ departure from the show is said to be because of the culmination of her three-year contract with CBS. As seen in her Instagram post from December 2020, Maria clarified that there was no bad blood between her and the production, and that she remains eternally grateful for the opportunities they provided her.

She stated, “I’ve learned many things on this journey for the last three and a half years. I’ve learned that the woman I am enjoys process over product. I’ve never worked with a kinder, more generous group of people. Though in our business, like many, there are quite a few as*holes – there is not one on the set of NCIS – in front of or behind the camera. Only a profoundly decent group of people who care more about each other and the world in general than what is in it for them.”