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Why Kylie Jenner decided to sell part of Kylie Cosmetics

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner recently revealed why she sold 51 percent of her cosmetics company, as she plans to go global.

The 23-year-old reality star posted a video, “Inside Kyle Cosmetics Part Three: Kylie 2.0” on her YouTube channel on Thursday, 15 July 2021. Kylie Jenner revealed in the video why she decided to sell part of her cosmetics company, and also announced that she is relaunching a clean, vegan-friendly version of Kylie Cosmetics.

Jenner explained in the video that it has always been part of her plan to expand her beauty empire, stating, “The reason why I sold half of my company was to have this big infrastructure go global.” Jenner reportedly sold 51 percent of her company to Coty Inc. in 2019 for $600 million.

Kylie admitted that she has learned much more than what she knew when she started the cosmetics company, adding, “Being clean and vegan and cruelty-free and paraben free, all these things are really important to me now. I just want everyone to feel good when they wear my make up, and see the love that we put into it.”

Jenner continued, stating, “Innovation has come far in the past few years. When creating this line, it was so important to me to commit to using clean ingredients across the board, but to never sacrifice performance. My new lip kit has eight-hour wear and is so comfortable on the lips, and all my new formulas are amazing. I’m excited for everyone to try the new products.”

Jenner completely wiped her cosmetics company’s Instagram account clean in May 2021. She later posted a polaroid picture of herself, captioning it “Something is coming.” Kylie revealed in the YouTube video that they took the polaroid picture behind the scenes at her rebrand photoshoot. When asked about the polaroid, Kylie commented, “I knew I wanted to tease with that photo.” However, prior to the rebrand photoshoot, Kylie considered deleting everything on the cosmetics account, as she wanted to start her company on a clean page.

The rebranded Kylie Cosmetics will now be sold at Nocibe France, Douglas Cosmetics, Selfridges, Ulta Beauty, Harrods Beauty, Boots UK, Nordstrom, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Gold Apple.


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