Why MrBeast gives away money

Looking at the reasons behind YouTube’s MrBeast’s eagerness to give away most of his money, how he does this and why he enjoys doing it.


One of the many benefits of being a part of the YouTube community is how much money you can make from becoming a big deal. YouTube has helped to launch many people to stardom through the popularity of their channels and their content attracting enough followers to earn plenty.

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a famous YouTube Influencer with an estimated net worth of $8 million, who gained fame for his gaming, philanthropy and viral videos. Having never been rich, the YouTuber has managed to win hearts from giving away money, but fans have definitely wondered why.

MrBeast giving away money

The famous YouTuber has even been dubbed as “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist” but has mostly been trending for moments where he seems to have fun helping people with some money or just giving it away in various random competitions.

Many people have asked questions as to why MrBeast keeps doing this, and whether this means that he is so rich to the point that giving away large sums of money does not feel like breaking the bank to him. Donaldson has clarified that he never actually grew up rich, with the only money he makes being solely from YouTube.

Why MrBeast gives away money

For YouTube fans and people in general who are wondering how and why MrBeast does it, he has explained this himself. Donaldson believes that by giving away money the way that he does, he is able to keep going viral for every video that he does, as it seems to appeal to people and attract a lot of attention.

In a way, this is a method he is using to promote his videos and keep people interested to see how he will do it next. He has also acknowledged that he was never rich and that every dollar he has ever made had come from YouTube, assuring that the platform paid better than people think according to him.

However, people might still be wondering how he always has money to give away and the YouTuber has confirmed that he reinvests it all after some spending.

What are some of the competitions MrBeast has held and given money away?

MrBeast is known for holding random but often opulent competitions, where he has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and luxury prizes. In one competition, he challenged people to keep their hands placed on a Lamborghini with the last person standing with their hand on the car walking away with the car.

In a competition of Rock Paper Scissors, MrBeast once gave away $250 000 to the winner and a few months after that gave away a $300 000 cash prize to Charli D’Amelio’s family.

What are some of the factors contributing to MrBeast’s continued success?

MrBeast seems to be doing it all well, but there have been some factors that have contributed to his on-going success on YouTube. These include the fact that he makes an effort to post on his channel consistently, which works well for the YouTube algorithm.

It is also clear that he has an excellent team of content creators at his side, who are good at what they do. MrBeast has been noted to visibly take his video uploads seriously, with an excellent production value and quality equipment and crew.

What are some other reasons MrBeast has noted for giving away money?

Apart from using the method of giving away large sums of money as a way of helping him go viral and promote his videos, MrBeast has also explained how giving away money to him means more in the sense that it makes him feel good when he makes others feel good.

Donaldson once revealed that when he did not have much money before he became what he is now, seeing a homeless person would compel him to give them all of his money and he would love their reactions.


For many creators on YouTube, making money from their content is the primary reason that they continue to do what they do. The thought of the potential of making millions will certainly excite anyone, especially when it offers a life of so much comfortability and freedom to live the dream.

However, for others like MrBeast, making money is not where it ends. The YouTuber known for giving away most of his money but in surprisingly large amounts, has revealed that giving away money for him gives him a sense of purpose by making people happy while benefiting from it himself.