Why nothing has been written about Bailey Sarian suing L’Oréal 

In 2016, Bailey Sarian sued cosmetics company, L’Oréal, for allegedly using her image without permission, however, the matter has since been swept under the rug after the case was dismissed.

Bailey Sarian has created a niche for herself on YouTube by fusing makeup tutorials with murder mysteries. She does this through her videos, aptly titled “Murder, Mystery and Makeup,” which she releases consistently on Mondays.

Sarian managed to amass over one million subscribers on her channel in a space of a year, a feat that is not common in the YouTube space.

In 2016, Sarian reportedly sued internationally recognised cosmetics company, L’Oréal.

The UniCourt website gives the public an opportunity to download the legal documents, stating, “On 06/27/2016 SARIAN filed a Contract – Other Contract lawsuit against L’OREAL. This case was filed in Riverside County Superior Courts, Riverside Historic Courthouse located in Riverside, California.”

Moreover, the website has noted that the case was disposed, which resulted in the case being dismissed. Further information on the court case has not been disclosed, nor are there any detailed reports relating to the matter.

The only time that Sarian has addressed the matter was in an interview with fellow YouTuber, ItzKeisha, in December 2020.

During the interview, ItzKeisha questioned whether Sarian has ever had a bad experience with a brand.

She responded by detailing how a major makeup company allegedly used her image without her permission in a promotional campaign. She claimed that she was not alerted or asked for permission prior.

Although she did not name any brands in the interview, it is speculated that she was referring to L’Oréal.

The lack of conversation on the matter and Sarian’s continued silence are very telling.

It is not an uncommon practice to sign an agreement to ensure that the reputation of the company is not tarnished by paying a settlement and having the complainant sign a non-disclosure agreement to make the matter “go away.”