Resident Evil Re: Verse delayed to 2022

Capcom recently announced that the spin-off game, Resident Evil Re: Verse’s release date has been delayed to 2022, to allow for a smooth gameplay and optimum experience.

The Resident Evil multiplayer spin-off game, Resident Evil Re: Verse, has been delayed to 2022. The game’s developer, Capcom announced the news on Twitter on Thursday 15 July 2021, stating that the team needs additional time to work on the game.

Fans expressed their thoughts regarding the announcement on the Twitter post. One fan wrote, “I just do not understand this whole need for multiplayer team shooters in the world of Resident Evil. You have tried this before and not one has been successful. Hell, you shoved it into the remake of Resident Evil 3 and no one played it, which caused sales to decline. The co-operation mode is fine, just stick with those.”

Another fan stated, “I do not mind waiting if the developers need more time, that is absolutely fine. But I am still sad to hear this, because Verse was the project, I was looking forward to most of this year. I love playing multiplayer Resident Evil games with friends and it is a shame that people hate on this already.”

Re: Verse features players controlling Resident Evil characters, each with unique skills and weapons, in four to six player, five-minute deathmatches.

While fighting till death, players must collect virus samples which are littered around the map, as this will increase their accuracy and damage. Once a player is killed, they are transformed into monsters and can continue to attack other players.

The type of monster a player can transform into, is determined by how many virus samples they collect before being killed. Players who obtain enough virus samples, can transform into a Tyrant.

Capcom has yet to announce the exact release date of Resident Evil Re: Verse.