Why Sydnee Goodman left IGN

Sydnee Goodman, the well-known streamer and host, announced earlier this year that she will be leaving IGN, as she wants to focus on producing content independently.

Sydnee Goodman has been a fan-favourite among long-time IGN viewers since she joined the platform in 2018. However, Goodman took to her multiple social media platforms on 19 April 2021, to announce that she will be leaving the network to “go solo.”

Goodman started her career as a social media content producer in 2014. As time went by, she became a popular YouTube and Twitch streamer, while hosting shows and events. Sydnee’s fanbase instantly grew when she joined IGN Entertainment as a host and producer. She appeared on The Daily Fix, featured alongside other IGN personalities, and went to conventions, while also managing her own streaming platforms.

In the YouTube video titled, “I am leaving IGN / The Daily Fix”, Goodman stated that she will host her last episode of The Daily Fix on 23 April 2021, and that she is leaving to pursue her individual ventures. Viewers are led to believe that she parted ways with the network on good terms, and that she just wants to focus on producing content independently.

Multiple fans commented on the video to express their opinion on her decision to leave IGN. One fan wrote, “The Daily Fix is not the same without you, but I am glad that you are moving on to future pastures.” Another fan stated, “Sydnee Goodman, thank you for the beautiful smiles, the positive energy and for making all the information you gave us more interesting. Good luck with everything you do in the future!”

According to Goodman’s LinkedIn profile, she is currently working as a freelance host, producer and consultant, as well as a content producer and host for Twitch. Goodman mostly streams Minecraft and Call of Duty: Warzone-related content on her Twitch channel, which has over 75 000 followers. Her YouTube content focuses more on vlogging, advice, as well as question-and-answer (Q&A) videos. Her YouTube channel currently has over 140 000 subscribers.