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Why Twitch banned ExoHydraX 

ExoHydraX was recently banned from Twitch, after she shared a link to her Linktree, which contains a link to her OnlyFans, leading to her being banned for eight hours.

ExoHydraX claimed, on Monday, 19 July 2021, that she had been banned from the streaming platform, Twitch, for sharing a link to her Linktree account, which features a link to her OnlyFans content. Exo later shared screenshots, in which Twitch stated that she was banned for “soliciting money, services, or items of value for sexual conduct.” The platform also claimed that this occurred in her public chat.

After being banned from Twitch, Exo argued that there are other streamers, such as Amouranth, who also have shared a link to a Linktree account, however, Twitch has not taken any action against her. The streamer claimed that she has never directly linked her OnlyFans account during her livestreams on Twitch. She also stated that she actually bans people who do link it in her public chat. If a viewer asked Exo about her OnlyFans, a message would appear stating that OnlyFans talk is not allowed, in order to prevent people from talking about it.

However, this not the first time that Exo has been banned from the streaming platform. In May 2021, she accused Twitch of racism after being suspended for a controversial hot tub broadcast. When asked about the recent ban, Exo stated, “I have a history of not being treated fairly with other girls on Twitch. I always get punished when others do not, and my body type is pretty much the reason why.” Adding, “If you are curvier than the average thin streaming you are seen as more sexual, even though both streamers could be wearing and doing the same thing.”

Viewers can once again enjoy Exo’s livestreams on Twitch, as the streaming platform unbanned Exo after only eight hours, claiming that the ban was due to a mistake on their behalf. The unban comes after Twitch was accused by fans of unfairly targeting her for posting a Linktree on her chat that contained links to OnlyFans content.


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