Why was Queen of the South canceled?

Fans of Queen of the South witnessed a dramatic season five finale, as producers admitted to wanting to leave a few loose ends for the possible future.

USA Network revealed that season five of Queen of the South would be its last. However, according to the show’s creators, it was not always part of the plan to end the show after just five seasons. The series is an adaptation of the telenovela, La Reina del Sur, which happens to be an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Spanish novelist, Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The US adaptation centered on Teresa Mendoza, played by Alice Braga, a poor Mexican woman who became wealthy by building a drug empire. Mendoza lived in the barrio of Culiacán in Sinaloa, Mexico. She fell in love with a member of a drug cartel and attempted to rise above her life’s impoverished condition.

Teresa was forced to flee after her boyfriend was murdered. She crossed the border to the United States, where she teamed up with someone from her past, in an effort to take down the drug ring that was after her. Mendoza started her own drug distribution organization and soon became very wealthy, which attracted more problems.

Fast forward to the final season, Mendoza is seen lying dead in a morgue, hinting that her death may be certain. Three years after her death, James finds Mendoza at a safehouse where she had been hiding the entire time.

An official statement confirming that the show is coming to an end has not been released yet, but fans assume it might just be that the show has simply run its course. Executive producers, Dailyn Rodriguez, Ben Lobato and David Friendly, stated, “We could not be prouder of our entire cast and crew that joined us on this magnificent journey. And, of course, we could not have made this show without the talented and tireless Alice Braga, who brought our queen to life.” They also explained that they left a potential loose end in the season five finale, so there would be an opportunity for more episodes.