Why was Ragdoll Engine set to private?

Roblox users were furious after one of their favourite games, Ragdoll Engine, was deleted; however, its creator, Mr. BeanGuy stated that an updated version will be available shortly.

Roblox is an online gaming platform which allows users to create their own games. Ragdoll Engine is a Roblox game created by Mr. BeanGuy, who has been on the gaming platform since 2011. He has 63 111 186 place visits and 127 000 followers.

When joining the game, players start out on a grass baseplate. They can then experience multiple creations, such as a tall spiral staircase and a cannon, through the eyes of a ragdoll. It has been described as one of the best user-generated 3D experiences on Roblox, as it has over one billion visits on the gaming platform.

Fans were devastated when they realized that Ragdoll Engine appeared to have been deleted. As of Thursday, 24 June 2021, the game was unavailable to play and was set to private. This fueled multiple threads and rumours. However, to calm everyone’s anxieties, Mr. BeanGuy revealed that he is in the process of remaking the game, and confirmed that he will be releasing an updated version sometime in July 2021.