Why you need more pictures on Etsy

Your product images for your Etsy shop listings are crucial for getting buyers’ attention; the more high-quality images there are, the better.

If you are thinking of joining the e-commerce space to open an online store, then Etsy could be the right place for you, especially if you want to sell items that specifically cater to the Etsy community and market, such as handmade goods, vintage items, and arts and crafts.

In order to run a successful Etsy shop, you need to list the products you have on offer for people to look at and to choose which ones they want to purchase. Listings are an important part of starting and running your store.

Etsy listings and pictures

A listing is a direct link to a specific product on your Etsy storefront page. What potential buyers will see is some information about the store, information about you as the owner, and all of your product listings on offer.

When you look at any Etsy store, people’s products will be represented by pictures of the product to show potential buyers what they are buying if they purchase an item. The pictures of your products are the key to how well they will sell.

Why you need more pictures on Etsy

With the kind of products you can sell on Etsy, it is of utmost importance that you display the products you have well through your pictures.

The items sold on Etsy are often visually appealing, such as art, handmade crafts, digital images, and prints, all of which need to appeal to and compel a buyer to purchase what they see.

Sellers need to put in work to achieve this and fortunately, Etsy gives them enough space to fill up their product listings with images to sell their products.

At first, Etsy used to allow five pictures to be included in every product listing. That has since changed and has been increased to 10.

This is because Etsy understands that products should be displayed through more images with different angles and perspectives to give buyers more details and a better idea of the products. More pictures allow Etsy shoppers to truly experience your product before making the purchase.

Most buyers prefer to be drawn to a product through the quality of the images that depict the product to inform their decision, and with Etsy’s new “more photos” feature, sellers can do exactly that.

This feature allows them to show off more of their products with additional details and variations.

The new enhancements to the way Etsy products can be listed is a great way to increase sales for sellers, but the quality of the images will also be a huge contributor to the number of sales they make.

What else is new with Etsy’s more pictures feature?

Not only can you now upload five additional pictures to each Etsy product listing, you can also upload pictures that are bigger in size. Etsy has increased the size of the pictures you can save from 1 500 pixels to 3 000 pixels.

Customers will get to look at larger images of your products, and in addition, there is now an improved zoom capability with the upgraded new zoom tool on listing photos.

So, with larger uploaded images, customers can now see every detail much more clearly by zooming in for more depth and clarity.

Be smart when using the 10 image slots for your pictures

The trick to successfully listing your products and using all 10 image slots is to get creative with every image you post.

It will not be effective to include three pictures of the same angle, but rather, you should try to get as many varying decent angles of your products for customers to see and experience the product in a wholistic way.

Taking your pictures in different settings will also make a difference and harvest more buyer attention and interest in the product. This, in turn, will help to increase conversion rates and make more sales, which is the end goal.

Choose the right picture orientation

Etsy will recommend that when you take your product pictures, it is from a far enough vantage point that the product is still visible with extra negative space around it.

Take the pictures more horizontally so that you can use more of the available space in the thumbnail frame when the image needs to be cropped.

All your images should have this same orientation for a more uniform brand look and a seamless experience for the customer viewing the product(s).