Will Fast and Furious 9, aka F9 be available on HBO Max?

To fans’ surprise, the new edition to the Fast and Furious franchise will be exclusively released in theatres and will not be released on streaming platforms.

Fast and Furious 9, also known as F9, is an American action film. It is the sequel to The Fate of the Furious, released in 2017.

The film was originally scheduled for release in April 2020, but was delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. F9 is set to be released in theatres in the US on 25 June 2021.

Most people still prefer to watch movies on streaming sites, as they do not want to come into contact with people who may have COVID-19. They were, thus hoping that F9 would be available to watch on the HBO Max platform.

Godzilla vs. Kong was one of the much-anticipated blockbusters that was made available on HBO Max, as well as in cinemas.

As a result, F9 fans were hoping that the same liberties would be taken for the film, however, F9 will not be available in theatres as it is a Universal Film and not a Warner Bros film.

HBO Max is owned by Warner Media, making it the streaming home for all things Warner Bros, including Godzilla vs. Kong.

It is uncertain when F9 will be available on streaming platforms, but fans of the Fast and Furious franchise can watch the new film exclusively in cinemas when it premieres.