Will YouTube bring back dislikes?

How people are able to see YouTube Dislike counts, how you can download and install the new browser extension, and how the “Return YouTube Dislike” extension works.


The YouTube feature that allows viewers to either like or dislike a video they have watched is one way for the platform to determine the kind of videos people like to watch, and the ones they do not. This feature also allows creators to know how well or badly their content is doing.

However, YouTube recently made the decision to hide the dislike button feature in an effort to reduce any negativity related to videos that accumulate a lot of dislikes, while also protecting the creators from it. As a result, people have begun to wonder whether YouTube will bring dislikes back.

YouTube dislikes

Most social media platforms allow their users the ability to react to the posts that people share and engage with.

These reactions can vary, but they mostly come in the form of a like button for users to like certain content, and in the case of YouTube, there was also a dislike button feature.

The YouTube Dislike Button was made available for viewers in the event that they did not like the content contained in a video, they would just simply press “Dislike.”

However, YouTube recently made the decision to hide the dislike count, although viewers could still dislike videos. Seeing that this is a new approach, it received mixed reviews.

Will YouTube bring back dislikes?

YouTubes decision to no longer make dislikes visible to viewers has been received with a plethora of mixed reactions. Some people feel that this is a good move on YouTube’s part, fully supporting their attempt at minimising the negativity that is centred around dislikes on the platform.

On the other hand, others feel that it is an unnecessary approach, as they believe that the dislikes played a significant role in helping people choose whether they wanted to view a video or not, amongst other factors.

Even with all these polarising viewers circulating, YouTube still went ahead and hid the dislike feature from viewers but has kept it visible to the creators.

However, those that were against the change are in luck, as a new extension has recently been introduced.

The new extension, Return YouTube Dislike, has had users thinking that YouTube has returned the dislike count, but in reality, the extension will make it possible for u Chrome, Firefox, Edge and iOS users to restore the dislike count to videos they are watching on YouTube.

What is the new Return YouTube Dislike extension?

The new extension that has been making rounds recently, is set to allow users to make the YouTube dislike count visible on the videos they watch.

It is an open-source browser extension that works by making use of a combination of Google’s API data and scraped data to fetch dislike counts and views. Since it started making rounds, it has received positive reviews .

Users on browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and iOS, are able to use the browser extension to see the number of dislikes a YouTube video has received.

How is the new extension downloaded?

Users who are really desperate to have the YouTube dislikes button and count visible for them will have to download the Return YouTube Dislike extension if they wish to make use of it.

In order to do this, they would need to search for “Return YouTube Dislike” in the Chrome Web Store or other platforms.

Once they have downloaded and installed the extension, users will only need to ensure that it stays active in order for them to continually see the dislikes count on videos. Dislikes will now reflect exact numbers, not just round-offs.

Why did YouTube hide the dislikes count?

Upon making the decision to announce that it was no longer going to keep the dislike count public, YouTube explained that the decision was motivated by its efforts to counter issues such as harassment and to promote respectful interactions between viewers and creators.

As much as the intentions behind the move by YouTube were good, it was met with a lot of mixed reactions, even from the third co-founder of the platform who condemned it and felt that it would only now lead to YouTube’s decline and that the reason was not good.


YouTube has been one of the most popular video content platforms for many years which was known for giving its viewers a say when it came to their liking or disliking of a video, with the YouTube dislike count being made visible for other viewers to see before watching.

When YouTube decided to make YouTube dislikes private only for creators of a video to see, this was criticized by many. A new extension called Return YouTube Dislike has brought back the dislikes count for users of certain browsers, with people downloading it for their convenience to view dislike counts.