You never know what someone is going through

We all face life’s obstacles. Show kindness today to a stranger because you never know what they might be going through.

We all struggle, in some way or another. Problems are inevitable in life. As we grow up, we face newer problems which speak to our current reality. No one is immune to pain, hurt or grief. Knowing and understanding these things should help us  be compassionate towards others. Love, compassion and kindness are important tools for practicing humanity. It is imperative that we possess these three values to help us have meaningful and sometimes life-changing encounters with others.

We all wear our beautiful clothes and top them up with a beautiful smile. However, many people are battling with depression, going through grief, dealing with life-threatening diseases, battling with addictions. The list is endless and despite all of this, no one really looks like their problems. This is why it’s very important to be kind and loving to others, because you never know what they are battling with internally. Being compassionate towards others also means being understanding and patient.

For example, you could have an encounter with someone who is going through the loss of a loved one and you greet the person nicely, but they don’t greet back. The quickest response would be that they  are mean and rude, without taking time to think of other possible reasons. This is because we always attribute negative experiences externally and never internally. If the person doesn’t greet back, there must be something wrong with them and never with us. In this instance, the failure is to show compassion and taking into consideration, other plausible reasons why people behave in a certain way.

No one is living an all-happy and all-jolly life. We are all battling with something, so it doesn’t hurt to show kindness and love to the people we encounter. You will never fully know where someone is emotionally; they could be at a breaking point or the verge of giving up on life completely. Sometimes all it takes is a small and kind gesture to remind people that they are loved, cherished and that they matter. Always pour out your goodness to those you encounter, we all need it.