Younger gears up for final season this April

Younger’s seventh and final season is set to premiere this April, with the cast and crew revealing that they are also in the dark about how the show will be concluded.

Younger’s seventh and final season will be premiering on Thursday, 15 April 2021, on Paramount Plus. The widely popular series will be drawing to a close after six years, with the final season having been filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that there is no delay in its conclusion.

In an Instagram post shared by Paramount Plus on Monday, 12 April 2021, the cast shared their mixed feelings on the final season. They expressed their disappointment and confusion on the conclusion of the show. They also revealed that various storylines were kept a secret from them, which means that they will only learn of the conclusion at the same time as viewers. Younger follows the life of Liza, a middle-aged woman who pretends to be younger than she actually is, as a way to get her dream job.