Why did Z Nation’s Mack die?

Z Nation enjoyed five seasons before it was axed, with one of the most impactful deaths to take place being that of Mack Thompson during season two.

In the mid-2010s on television, there was a resurgence of post-apocalyptic drama series. One of the signposts of this resurgence was the comedic drama series, Z Nation. IMDb shares the premise of the show as, “Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the United States of America a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood.”

The show would enjoy five seasons before it was cancelled, having first aired in 2014 and concluded in 2018. The announcement of the show’s axing happened ahead of the airing of what is now the series finale. In the history of the show, one of the most impactful deaths to have taken place was that of Mack Thompson during the second season.

Who is Mack Thompson?

Mack was fashioned as the all-American jock, as it was revealed that he was a hockey player before the apocalypse. As such, the dapper character was a ladies man. However, he was in a committed relationship with Addison “Addy” Carver during the first season. Following the apocalypse, Mack was regarded for his keenness for killing the zombies. Moreover, fans of the show got to witness the demise of their relationship, as Addy decided to join the Sisters of Mercy.

In the second season of the show, Mack did not spend a lot of time on screen. This is as he died during season two. His death occurred at the hands of Addy. However, the decision to do so was out of mercy as Mack was devoured by a Zombie after being trapped while trying to escape. In order to not see her past love turn into a zombie, Addy decided to take his life by shooting him.

Why did Mack die?

The character of Mack was played by Michael Welch. Following his exit from the show, there have been no reports of animosity between Welch and the production team, nor have there been any suggestions of animosity between Welch and other cast members. Therefore, it seems that the decision to kill Mack off was amicable.

Moreover, it might be better off to look at the work that Welch has done and the chronology thereof, in order to pin-point a reason for his departure from the show. His last appearance on Z Nation took place during 2015, when the second season aired. In the same year, Welch was also in the 2015 film, Chasing Eagle Rock. In 2016, he made various appearances on other television series, including Lucifer, The Catch, A Killer Walks Amongst Us and Another Period. In the same year, he also featured in the short film, Karkutong.

In this regard, it seems that Welch’s exit from the show was to allow him to explore new characters and adventures. This is something he achieved throughout subsequent years, even as the show was still airing. In the last two years of the show, Welch had amassed over eight projects.

Welch after the announcement of Z Nation’s cancellation

A matter that affirmed that Welch was not in any tug of war with the production came as the show marked its series finale episode. Stars, present and past, took to their various social media platforms to bid the show its finale goodbye. In his message, Welch reflected on his time on the show and the impact the show had for him in the industry.

The message was sweet and read, “Getting to play badass zombie slayer & hopeless romantic Mack Thompson for a year & change genuinely lifted my spirit & gave me more confidence as a person. Sometimes pretending to be certain people can help you discover some things about yourself. So thank you Mack! I aspire to be more like you.”