Can you buy a universal Roku remote?

You can buy a universal remote for your Roku device, as long as the model is compatible with your device, and you plan strategically.

Roku devices offer their customers a unique experience through the different devices in the brand’s catalogue.

The fact that universal remotes can be programmed to work with most Roku devices makes them even more universally appealing and can help you streamline your home media-systems.

What makes Roku devices different from other devices?

Roku distinguished itself from other media players in the market, home theatre systems and even PC devices, by focusing on creating easy-to-use, simple systems that allow households to access a wide variety of streaming services on their home television.

Now, Roku devices are almost as widespread as Smart TVs and the Roku catalogue has been expanded to include even more software and hardware options.

Options such as Roku players, Roku TVs and even Roku Sound-bars that have different price points ensure that there are products in this range to suit almost every household’s needs.

Can you buy a universal Roku remote?

Even though Roku devices come in such a vast variety and are so popular, they are not perfect. Many users have complained about the battery life on their Roku original remotes.

Furthermore, when you take into account the number of Smart devices and media systems in most households, the different remote controls of all of these devices are bound to get mixed up or lost over time.

Fortunately, Roku devices can be controlled with universal remotes. This means that you can replace a lost or broken Roku remote with a universal remote control, as long as it is compatible with your Roku device.

You can make sure of this compatibility by checking the model of the universal remote that you are considering. The right universal remote can hold benefits beyond replacing a lost Roku remote.

Finding a universal remote with the right features and compatibility ensures that you can streamline your remote controls and you may end up being able to control multiple devices with just one remote.

Moreover, there are also virtual universal remote control mobile applications that can be used with your Roku device and that may allow you to get rid of physical remote controls entirely.

Universal remote compatibility with Roku devices

The most important step in deciding which universal remote to buy is ensuring that your remote is compatible with your Roku device(s).

The easiest way to ensure that the remote you are buying for your Roku device actually works with your device is to examine the packaging of the universal remote.

If it states on the universal remote’s packaging that it is compatible with Roku, it should connect and program to your Roku device successfully.

However, if there is no such indication, you may have to do more in-depth research about the remote to determine whether it can program to your Roku device before you buy it.

The best universal remote controls to buy for your Roku device

Besides the compatibility of a universal remote, it is also important that you consider how many other devices you can pair with your universal remote to streamline your entertainment systems and how user-friendly the remote is to use.

When you are considering all of these factors, some of the best choices to make regarding universal remotes for Roku devices can be summarised as follows:

Universal remote name Compatibility with other devices Usage Price on Amazon
SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote Supports more than 500 000 devices from 6000 brands, including Fire TV and Apple TV Easy to set up using the mobile application

On sale for $49.99 
Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Learning Remote Compatible with Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku, Media Center/Kodi, Nvidia Shield, and other A/V devices The intuitive learning program will make programming this remote simple

Logitech Harmony Elite Compatible with over 275 000 products from 5000 brands Easy to program with Smart device- and hub-integration


The best universal remote mobile applications for Roku devices

Physical universal remotes are not your only option if you have misplaced or broken your original Roku remote. There are also several universal remote mobile applications that you can control from your phone or tablet, such as:

Universal remote application name Description
Official Roku Mobile App This application includes all of the normal functionalities that your physical Roku remote would and is compatible with all Roku devices
Roku Mobile App for Roku This application is easy to use and navigate and is compatible with most Roku branded devices